Issue 8

Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson

Award-Winning Financial Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Ironman, World Championship Qualified Triathlete.

Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there’s a reason the review mirror is so small and the windshield is so big. Where you’re headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.


Although most people go into the New Year with the best intentions to maintain their resolutions, it doesn’t take long to give up on goals or even forget them entirely. When you shift from making a once a year change to creating lasting change, you will achieve more than you probably believe is possible. I know I am trying to force myself to do something when I use words like “should”, “have to” and “must” are attached (nothing to do with my problem with authority).
Resolving to do something differently in the future is usually driven by something we are unhappy with, or we are feeling unfulfilled. Resolutions continue to connect us to the negativity. Transforming your life requires deep self-reflection, overcoming your limiting beliefs and building new habits. The best New Year’s resolutions are about setting goals and making a dedicated plan to achieve them.

Sleep and rest are essential for creating our dreams and goals.  I take the Christmas break to regenerate energy and prepare for something bigger.  Living in the past, staying around negativity and regular overthinking all drain your endorphins and energy.  When I relax and surrender to the quiet period of time that the Christmas break brings me, I see that I can’t control life, I can only accept what it brings me and how I deal with it.

We have no other option but to take responsibility for our own happiness, which involves digging deep into ourselves and alleviating any emotional history we carry.

Happiness is cultivated from the inside out. Spend time understanding “your’ story and you will reduce the risk of falling into or continuing bad habits.

Don’t make your motivations through comparison of others or ego or fear. Whatever your goals or motivations, make sure they light you up deep on the inside (intrinsic), align them to your self worth and meaning. I categorically know my intrinsic motivation is to help others and all of my actions tend to be aligned to this. Others can be influencing change, personal growth, or it could even be getting out of your comfort zone. Do you know what yours is? Whatever it is, go into 2022 finding something that matters and become present, your habits will then follow your motivation. Then celebrate the wins. By doing this you will get a dose of positive energy that brings you up to the next time and the self motivation grows.

"Success doesn’t always begin with extraordinary motivation."

Ben Crowe

Meanwhile in Lycra

After the opportunity to compete in Busselton in December became obsolete (Covid and borders), time in lycra has decreased and work has been the focus. This is not the imbalance I strive for, so I am lucky that one of my strengths and tools I use to get myself “going” is to set myself a challenge. This time around it is the Alpine Classic in January 2022 – 140km of riding in country Victoria including climbs of 2,300m . If I don’t (literally) get back on my bike and start training, this will hurt way too much. Port Macquarie Ironman is also now locked in for May 2022. Lucky for me, the Christmas break usually includes, training, eating and sleeping at our holiday shack on the Murray River. Coach Mat loves putting me to work up there and we already have our plans set.

Back to life with heels on and dry hair

The girls and I absolutely love Christmas. I have taught them the gift of giving well and we all put a lot of thought into finding “just the right” presents for our family and friends. I read a post on Instagram recently that said that rest shouldn’t be a reward. After all of these years, I still haven’t grasped this concept and I will head into 2022 with this personal challenge.
I am officially on holidays now and unofficially I will be working on two exciting projects over my break. (Watch this space)
From my family to your’s; have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Please take this time of year to reflect on all the things you are blessed with and don’t forget to laugh and love.


Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. Sarah Ban Breathnach.


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