Issue 7

Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson

Award-Winning Financial Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Ironman, World Championship Qualified Triathlete.

I have watched and supported a young 8 year old girl raise money this year for a cause she feels passionately about. She committed to running 100km in a year. Let me just take a moment to break it down though. Liv completed a 5km run 20 times. Watching Liv (virtually as she lives in NSW) cross the line to complete her 100km, I saw the pride in her hard work and perseverance shine from her beaming face and huge smile. Liv is truly an inspiration.


Rule #22 in “The New Hustle” by Business Chicks founder Emma Isaacs is JUMP IN THE POOL. If you have been following me for a while, you know that the water is my happy place and has been since I was a young child. This quote resonates with me on so many levels, but in its simplest form it reminds me to have fun. It takes me back to when I was *much younger when you had fun for yourself. You weren’t trying to please anyone or worried of others judgement, you just jumped in the pool, even if it was via an unsuccessful bombing technique. As we get older, we often lose our fun because we do things to please others and ultimately start taking ourselves too seriously. We often fall into the trap of the misguided notion that somehow hard work and fun are not compatible.

Having fun doesn’t make you unprofessional. I absolutely love my work, my girls and triathlon. That doesn’t mean that I am not consciously aware of the fact that, quite often I would rather be with my friends out at the wine bar enjoying a drink and conversation than running, riding or swimming training. I am lucky that I am able (sometimes need reminding) to have a laugh between sets or at a rest stop. Pretty much everything you do comes with pesky tasks or responsibilities that will probably never being enjoyable. For me, track work (sprints) are my aspect of triathlon training that just makes me feel “ugh”.

I believe that people are intrinsically drawn to the smiling and enthusiastic person. For me, that person is Carolyn. Whether we are talking business (which is exactly what we are doing in the photo attached) or taking the mickey out of ourselves during runs or she is giving me alcohol on course (true story), we have the ability to completely ground each other and have some fun along the way. We also challenge each other to “jump in the pool” and get out of the comfort zone. This is where I have previously mentioned that I believe great things truly happen.

Some people just make you feel better when you're around them.

They are like sunshine to your soul and medicine for your mind.


Meanwhile in Lycra

The Covid restrictions finally hit me over the last month. Well not exactly. It is the fact that at this point, I only have one race in the calendar and that is May next year. I am usually so focussed on the challenge, that in this instance when the challenge was removed (not by choice), the spark and commitment to train faltered. As history will show, Coach came to the rescue only this week and told me that he isn’t worried as he knows that the want to train is still there and I have built up a great base. So, this week, I am back on the bike (literally) and riding two 100km sets. Go me. He also reminded me that summer holidays are on the way and for me that is like a training camp (by choice) on the Victoria/NSW border. It also brings FUN to really hard training so my mind is reset.

Back to life with heels on and dry hair

A few months ago I wrote about my belief that life is never “balanced” and work has definitely been at the forefront of life lately. I have had the opportunity to welcome many new clients into the Endurance Financial family and have been loving connecting with people again – in real life after lockdown ended here in Melbourne.
I am working through a new Course designed to walk you through all things business and money. It has been developed as a result of wanting to truly help those starting out in business to get ahead of the finances space. I am super excited about it and the butterflies in my tummy are in full flight. I will be launching more details in the coming weeks and it is set to commence February 2022.
From a mother’s perspective, both of my girls have huge smiles on their faces as they are back at uni and school and are loving life. I am so proud of the young women they have become and there have been several occasions lately that I have had the pleasure of sitting back and reflecting on the positive outcome of the hard yards spent parenting.



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