Issue 5

Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson

Award-Winning Financial Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Ironman, World Championship Qualified Triathlete.

I have been off the air lately, hoping (like many of us) that the continued lockdowns in Melbourne would be over and life could resume to the normal we would all like. But here we are – still!!

As a triathlete, you spend months and years getting used to being uncomfortable. Triathlon has taught me to embrace the unknown. Every day is different, rarely two days are the same. Good days and bad days, good races and bad races. My experiences with triathlon have transferred to my business. I know I am going to do things that I have never done. Much of the joy of being a business owner is the excitement of the unknown. I embrace it and look forward to the next challenge.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I first read this quote in “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins (retired navy seal). He says that the biggest war we go through is the one we have in our own minds and that we have to train our minds to be tough. With that statement, he had me; I couldn’t put the book down. I bypassed the swear words (haha) and took in every other word and found myself working through my life and how it has played out for me.

My career in the corporate banking world was full of situations that were outside of my comfort zone. People (both colleagues and clients) would often make sexist and ageist remarks to ensure that I was aware that I was different to the other people around me. And, YES, I was, but it provided a special fuel for me that developed my passion and love of the career I choose and the benefits that my clients receive by me having been so different all of those years ago.

In every triathlon, I am always uncomfortable. My heart is beating, my breathing is heavy, my muscles are aching, I am thirsty, I am hot and the list goes on. Throughout the race there are points where I feel great but more often my brain is working against me, screaming for me to stop. I can physically train for the “known” distances and to some part the course; hilly, flat, time of year etc, but there are many more unknowns on race day and the training creates so many experiences of completely uncomfortable, particularly in the emotional state. Triathlon has reminded me that every moment is new and often very different and that is OK.

I believe that my strength and determination is heightened in times of difficulty or when it is implied that I “can’t”. After I was attacked, I was (near) instantly determined not to let this experience allow me to show weakness. I remember heading off to a country ball, with a black and closed over eye, as well as so many other hidden bruises. People looked at me, unaware of what had happened and when questioned, my response was with a semi-smile “you should see the other person”. When you accomplish something that takes a lot out of you, you are growing a resilience. I have been one that actively pursues these adventures, most of the time (in business). Yet there have been situations in my life where I have not (cancer) faced it head on and chosen to try to run. I am now aware that I am capable of being uncomfortable and (eventually) ready to face it head on.

When I look back at the mountains and situations I have faced, I realise that I have cycled or ran up them, and that I have survived through my own capabilities. I can be greater than the problems or circumstanced that I have faced.

I am sure that most of you who are reading this have experienced a year (at least) of extreme change in many different aspects of life. Business changed. Work changed. School changed. Our everyday life and interactions with one another changed. We have all become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We can’t control all the things that happen to us, but we can control how we react to them. I can’t foresee how the remainder of 2021 or next year will go for you, but I do believe that this discomfort will lead to growth if you allow it to. Embrace yourself and take the step into the unknown, you may just surprise yourself.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.

Bryant McGill

Meanwhile in Lycra

Training has been restricted, and with the recent announcement of being unable to race in Queensland, the training blocks have been amended. At this point in time, all I can do is continue to forge ahead and plan for the next race – December in WA.

For the first time in quite a while both my body and brain are missing the freedom of swimming. I am looking forward to the weather changing and the outdoor pools being open again. I’m looking forward to the overall clarity that swimming allows me.

Back to life with heels on and dry hair

My youngest daughter is struggling. She is lonely and missing her friends at both school and sport. She has spent her birthday for the second year in lockdown. Like most parents, it is so difficult to accept, that we can’t fix this right now. I wish I could take away her pain. Livvy is truly a beautiful soul, even though life is tough for her, she is still concerned for her friends and family before herself.
I should be heading to the Sunshine Coast for 2 weeks to race, but Covid has other plans. . Kindness and gratitude are infectious, so following on from my daughter’s lead, I have decided to donate the first two weeks of September to you or to someone you know that could benefit from my assistance without charge. Hopefully we can spread some “good” amongst us.
  1. General financial advice or business advice. Have an issue you want to discuss and not sure where to start or where to go?  Send it through to me and I will assist wherever I can.
  2. Life advice through the offer to speak to a group you are involved in. Head to my website ( to see the topics I deliver and if you think your group could benefit from my story and a giggle. I will join you and share one of these topics (20 mins) and be open to questions afterwards.

Email me or contact me through social channels and let me know how I can help. All
requests need to be with me prior to 14 th September 2021.



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