“I create holistic blueprints for financial security that reflect the financial objectives and core values of my clients.”

As Founder of
Endurance Financial

and a sought after Award-winning Financial Advisor, Amanda works with a vast array of clients each seeking personalised service and advice that goes well beyond conventional wisdom.

Recognising that each and every client has different needs, wants, dreams and goals, Amanda thrives on delivering strategic and tailored advice drawing upon almost two decades in senior advisory roles for leading financial institutions including Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and Choice Capital. 

From small to medium business owners and everyday individuals looking for financial stability, to high profile personalities and affluent families motivated to secure and protect their wealth; Amanda is dedicated to going beyond the ordinary advice and helping clients create enduring financial prosperity designed to last for generations.

Areas of specialty include

Strategic Planning

Effective planning starts with the end in mind. Understanding where you are now and getting clear on where you want to go, Amanda is able to help you review your current business or personal financial structures and assess the opportunities available to ensure cash flow, long term growth and protection of assets.

Wealth Creation

Taking the time to recognise your ethics and values around wealth creation, Amanda will work on connecting you to the types of investments that will fulfil your vision for wealth and success in your own way.

Super & Tax

Structuring your financial life to ensure super compliance and long-term tax effectiveness, Amanda offers cutting edge advice on Superannuation, Self Managed Superannuation tactics and tax planning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to rule beyond the grave and decide how your assets are to be distributed once you are gone. Amanda can also help you create the correct financial structures and put arrangements in place to tax effectively protect your family’s interests in the long term.

Investment Strategy

With powerful and strategic partnerships in place, Amanda is able to offer tailored investment advice; provide market-leading investment opportunities and create personalised portfolios that reflect your ideals and appetite for risk.

Personal Protection

One of the biggest oversights in financial plans is insurance, leaving most people underinsured. Amanda will help you protect the one asset you literally cannot live without- you and your ability to create an income.


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